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S 32 18'36" E 18 20'30"

How to get there:
Directions – From Cape Town, take the West Coast Road. Turn right at Voortrekker Road and follow this road for 86km. Turn right onto the R365 and follow for 47km. Enter Cederberg, follow Cerderberg for 1km.

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Elands Bay

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Wind Direction:

Best Months:
Nov - April

If you are in the area, you can get a lucky here with the SW.A rocky point forms a perfect left, but thses swells continue all the way along this coastline.Swells can get really big but winds can get gusty on a SE as the wind blows off the land. If you make your way further down the beach the wind becomes a lot cleaner.This is a perfect bay for a downwinder on a SE if you have someone to pick you up further down. The Toll road to Lamberts Bay runs parallel to the beach. This spot does not work on a NW as its off shore. The SW is directly onshore.

Pros & Cons:

Dont ride to close to the point where the surfers are.Car break-in are on the rise, so make sure all valuables are out of site when locking your car.There is a seal colony at the point so heads up if you out back line for any Great whites lurking around. The best part of this spot is to stop a a place called Muisbos Skerm Restaurant. This is a open sea fish restaurant, eat as much as you like seafood. Its well worth the stop here(20km outside Lamberts bay)

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