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    Rodrigues - Indian Ocean

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    The beach infront of the hotel is a wide open beach, the sand is soft and offers plenty of space to launch a kite. The Osmosis Kite centre is right on the beach and is managed by Jerome. The kite centre is full of atmosphere andhas a great vibe , the staff are amazing and very helpful, making any beginner feel safe at all times.
    For the more intermediate kiter, the lagoon infront of the hotel offers wide open waters to practice those freestyle moves, with the water most of the time only being about 1.5 m deep.The SE blows slight cross on shore and with a long tack you can make your way out to the reef along the east side of the Island. The reef here offers a perfect small break that runs an awesome wave for about 50 – 80 meters to yourself. If you get the chance to look down while you riding you’ll spot the parrot fish with its amazing colours on the coral reef.
    Jimmy's Pass This is a world famous surf break that has been windsurfed and kitesurfed but it’s not something that can be done alone.The reef lies on the west side of the Island and will need a boat to get you there. But remember, you’ve come here perfect winds, blistering swells and some of the best open face riding and flat water conditions you will ever experience. You’d have to know what you’re doing, if you kite surfed ”One Eye” in Mauritius it will give you an idea of what you up against and on a good day you can times that by six.
    Sand Bar The Sand Bar is on the way to Jimmy’s Pass, it’s a small sand bank large enough to rig your kite and launch. The water around the bar is super smooth and glassy and offers perfect speed board conditions. Heads up for the crabs on the beach, they not used to humans.

    Pros & Cons:

    Well i guess this is hard one to answer. I cant think of a better place to getaway from everything and spend your holiday kitesurfing. If the wind doesn't blow drop in at la Belle Rodriguaise and do one of Francoise famous cooking lessons on local foods or request a massage. Well worth it!!

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