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September - March

It sits directly in front of your Tofo Kite Schools and your accommodation and you are woken in the morning by the sound of the cracking barrels firing off the point. This is a world class, sand bottomed, right hand point break that delivers everything from deep spitting tubes to long carving cut backs.In a Northerly and North Easterly wind, kiting straight off Tofo main beach right in front of the shop, nice little waves for tricks and big air.

Tofo main beach, which is right in front of Tofo town with loads of restaurants and a fairly large sand bar creating a super flat spot on the inside, though because it was busy holiday season this was full of swimmers. There is also a few dive charter boats and fishing boats going in and out of the beach but not enough to get in the way. Tofinho point, this is a fairly famous surfing spot with a sick looking right hander, the beach is mainly rocky reef right on the point and then there’s a flat reef that runs the whole way up the beach towards Tofo. Sketchy launch apparently, so not many guys kite it. Barra, this is north of Tofo and will have a good cross shore on an Easterly if you are on the northerly part of the peninsula, this runs all the way into the lagoon. Otherwise it’s also good on a NE (apparently). The water was nice and warm, round 23-25deg celcius, so boardies and a rashy all the time, just watch out for the blue bottles and jellyfish, they give a mean old sting, but taking a piss on it takes out most of the burn.

Pros & Cons:

Mozambique is very remote, so getting there can be a mission. Its best to plan your trip from South Africa using various tour groups or kite schools.Malaria and other tropical diseases are rife here, so make sure you have done your homework on medical vaccinations. Hospitals are are poor and it is wise to take out medical insurance. There are lots of dive boats near the reefs, so heads up for the diving buoys.

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