The most frequently asked question is "Where does the wind blow?", secondly ...How do I get there?" ..And "where can I stay?"

We know a kite boarders dream is kiting the perfect location, with the perfect wind and living the ultimate experience. With our integration with Google Maps you can now surf your way through the interactive map and click on any of the kitespots to view detailed conditions, forecasts and archived weather conditions, how to get there, live webcams and much more.

This website is an independent guide to various spots along the Coast of South Africa and Mauritius, as well as where to stay and other interesting facts we have found along the way.

We have recently posted all co ordinates on GPS with Tom Tom POI, you can now download all these co-ordinates off the Tom Tom POI website.

Kitespotters have kitesurfed 95% of the kitespots listed and are constantly updating this site, so be sure to keep visiting the site for new spots and updates. All kitespots documented have been kite surfed and given the kitespotters stamp of approval.

For enquiries please contact info@kitespotters.co.za